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Increase of female quota in Victorian construction industry.

A new mandate will mean women will no longer be a rare sight in Victoria's construction industry from 2022.

Following the implementation of a new policy mandate for government projects in 2022, females will no longer be a rare sight in Victoria's construction industry.

Under the new Building Equality Policy, the Victorian Government has taken steps to ensure that women can work in the male-dominated construction industry, a first in Australia.

Women must make up at least 3% of trade roles, 7% of non-trade positions, and 35% of management, supervisor, and specialist labour roles in government projects costing $20 million or more, according to the regulation.

Women will be guaranteed jobs in the construction industry under the new rule. (Nine) percent of all apprentice and trainee hours must be filled by women.

The policy will go into force in January, with a two-year transition period in between.

Failure to meet female representation rules will result in penalties by 2024.

Source: Serena Seyfort, 9 News Staff, 6:16pm Dec 6, 2021.Female quota introduced for jobs in the Victorian construction industry. 9 News.

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